Prices and Payment Options


Methods of Payment

We accept personal cheques in all of the above currencies,
made payable to “J. O’Carroll”.

  We also accept payment via PayPal.
Our PayPal account is our e-mail address –


Customising your Session(s)

Any session with us (be it a single 1 hour session or part of a multi-session package) can be customised to best suit you and the current issues you are working on.
The 1 hour session can be a combination of a Reading/Consultation with Jill and Energy Therapy with both of us.  This combination is a particularly Holistic approach – first bringing focus and awareness to a particular issue or pattern, followed by energetically working on it at all levels.

Multiple Sessions

In working with many people over the years, our experience has been that profound and lasting results usually require multiple sessions.  It seems that a particular issue or situation becomes “ripe” and seeks the best environment for a deep exploration and re-alignment of energies and beliefs.

To facilitate this, we offer discounts for “Multiple Sessions”
in sets of 3, 6, 9 or 12.

Multiple sessions are usually scheduled at regular intervals and each one is individually customised with consultation time with Jill and Energetic Therapy with Jill & Joe.  Some people use the Multiple Sessions to set up a schedule of regular Check Ins/Consultations or Tune Ups!

We are available to discuss the best option if you are considering booking multiple sessions or a “Project” with us. Just e-mail or phone us.


Contact Details

E-mail :
Phone : 1 604 988 3699

Mailing Address:
Jill & Joe O’Carroll
1274 Cloverley Street
North Vancouver, B.C.
Canada  V7L 1N8