We are a wife and husband team
of Holistic Healers and Transformational therapists,
delivering balanced and practical insights and advice.

The combination of our talents, experience and skills
provides a powerful transformational environment
for improved health and vitality
in all areas and levels of your life.

Recent Client Testimonials

I have been hanging onto the energy of your words, which has been so tremendously uplifting. I feel as if I am heading into the last lap of a very long journey, and to have your support, confirmation and signposting of the way ahead is, in and of itself, fantastic.

Thank you for your partnership over all these years!


I’m so glad to have you both in my life. 
I really appreciate your loving guidance on this journey of ‘life’.
Thank you for everything!

Readings with Jill

Jill’s psychic gift has been honed over many years and many Readings to offer the most relevant and insightful help and understanding.  The readings are delivered with a balance of encouragement, keen insights and life wisdom.  If you want to understand yourself, your family & multi-generational patterns, your relationship/career challenges, Jill can help you to unlock the ‘open secret’ of how you work.

Transformational Sessions with both of us

These remarkable sessions offer powerful potential for REAL and LASTING change in your life! Each one is unique and we follow your body’s intelligence as it unwraps its secrets in a safe and nurturing environment. Questions are welcome and any issue can be discussed. Jill shares insights as the information unfolds during the session.For most of the session, you are lying comfortably on a healing table while we work with you. Whatever tools/modalities that your body and our intuition call on will be used to bring about the maximum release and transformation. Jill and Joe’s combined abilities will be selectively blended to best facilitate each person’s treatment.  No two sessions are alike.