Jill-ReadingJill has always carried the gift to ‘see’ (clairvoyant) and ‘hear’ (clairaudient) energies. It is difficult to describe this ‘seeing’ and ‘hearing’ as it is much more than physical perception. What Jill ‘sees’ is like someone who can see in colour, when most of us see in black and white; what Jill ‘hears’ is usually inaudible.

Jill has given thousands of Readings over the years and that ongoing process has broadened and deepened her ability to convey a particular message or insight to each individual in the best way for them. This means putting it in language that is most useful to the person and providing the opportunity to deeply accept and digest the message.

This ‘gift’, as Jill refers to it, has an integrity and focus which is quite specific. It works best (and deepens) when used with the intention of helping others, providing insights into the patterns and conflicts they are struggling with. During the reading, an energy exchange occurs which further allows the listener to become acutely aware of their inner patterns and issues.

People report that they feel deeply understood in their readings with Jill. The insights about patterns, behaviours and motives can sometimes be painful to confront, but Jill’s clarity and acceptance provide a safe and loving environment in which to meet these honestly. This exchange allows the opportunity for profound change.

Readings with Jill are available in person or by phone/Skype. Her clairaudient ability allows her to read energies through simply hearing the human voice. Each person carries a unique voice signature which is an expression of their entire energy system.

Readings lasts one hour. They are not recorded but you are welcome to do so if you wish. The format is usually that first Jill gives you the reading itself, which is followed by a time for questions, discussion of particular issues and suggestions. There is nothing you need to do to ‘prepare’ for the reading – just be as open as possible to what you will hear.

What you CAN expect when working with Jill

Most of all …. PRACTICAL Advice for life.

Insights on specific conflicts you are experiencing, whether physical or non-physical, and relating them to core patterns/beliefs so that the learning within them becomes clearer.

Insights on Relationship, Family and Work situations, again relating them to learned patterns of behaviour.

An open invitation to broaden your view and perhaps even see a little humour in the situation.

Indications and suggestions on decision making, focusing on what you REALLY want.

Practical suggestions and advice to open the possibility of a more peaceful life.

What NOT to expect

× Detailed focus on future predictions. If this is what you are after, it is best to consult an Astrologer. Jill can sometimes give indications to help make decisions about the future.

× Someone else to make your decisions for you. Jill can help you to make your own decisions with greater clarity.

× Hearing what you want to hear … phone Jill to help see ‘it’ for what it really is, warts and all.

× Criticism … it is not her role to blame you – you do enough of that yourself already.

× A lot of specific details about past lives. If this is your interest, it is best to consult someone else. Jill may share ‘past life’ insights but only if she feels that they are helpful in dealing with current life issues.

Booking a Reading with Jill

Note: In medical matters, Jill’s advice is never meant as a substitute for that of your own medical advisors.