Transformational Sessions with Jill and Joe

We offer both In Person and
Distance Energy Therapy sessions.

These provide a unique blend of
our combined & extensive skills & experience.

Each session is specifically tailored
to your current situation and needs.

Energy Therapy

Our sessions (which are available in person and at a distance) have a number of intermingling themes …. They –

 are frequently reported by clients as Life Changing events, as opposed to creating only temporary shifts.

 are truly holistic in nature. Whatever draws you to a session with us opens the door for transformation and healing in all areas – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

 provide you with the combined experience and insights of 2 therapists working in unison … this is MUCH more powerful than simply 1+1= 2!

 offer balanced, down-to-earth wisdom.

 incorporate many modalities and systems from the physical/emotional release of Reflexology & deep rebalancing of Cranial Sacral to the subtle realignment of Energy Therapy.

 are led by your body’s intelligence.

 are foremost PRACTICAL in nature. We always strive to offer real/practical help in your life.

 provide insights, advice and support to best deal with your life’s challenges. Your own particular talents and strengths are also heightened to best support you.

Session Format (in person)

A typical session lasts for 1 – 1½ hours. Each session is unique and we follow your body’s intelligence as it unwraps its secrets in a safe and nurturing environment. Questions are welcome and any issue can be discussed. Jill may share insights as the information unfolds during the session. For most of the session, you are lying comfortably on a healing table while we work with you. Whatever tools/modalities that your body and our intuition call on will be used to bring about the maximum release and transformation. Jill and Joe’s combined abilities will be selectively blended to best facilitate each person’s treatment. No two sessions are alike.

Session Format (at a distance)

A remote session is, in essence, very like an in-person session.  A distance session lasts 1 hour.  You phone or Skype Jill and Joe in order to create a connection between the 3 of us.  You will discuss with Jill and Joe anything that concerns you.  Jill will share insights about anything that she is able to sense prior to beginning of the energy therapy portion of the session.  You then hang up or disconnect.  You go and lie (or sit) quietly without any distractions whatsoever for the remainder of the session time.  People often choose their own bedroom.  You remain quiet until the end of the session time.  You may then go on with your day.  Later than day or the next, Jill and Joe will forward an email outlining anything of interest they have noted during the session.  Like the in-person session, Jill and Joe will use all the skills available to them to bring about maximum transformation.  Each distance session is unique, even for the same person.

What do people report from working with us?

 Truly Permanent shifts (not just transient change) in perspective, attitude and physical well-being.

 One person used an apt term for the breakthroughs he experienced. He described them as akin to ‘blocked energy cysts’ that, when ‘burst’ provide powerful release and new pathways in life.

 Perhaps the most fulfilling feedback is that people very often feel more freedom in their lives. Moving places of ‘stuckness’ be they emotional, attitudinal and/or physical can bring such a sense of relief and renewed energy for life. For some, it has felt like a rebirth.

We invite you to join us for a session of Transformation and Exploration. We can never guarantee specific results but the maximum possible change always seems to happen.
We regularly marvel at the intelligence which guides the sessions and we feel no need to name it, just smile at its results.

We are freedom-fighters in a passionate and practical way.
We strive for more freedom and well-being in every area of your life … all-ways.!

Booking a Session with Jill & Joe