About Jill & Joe

About Jill and Joe

Joe & Jill live and work together in North Vancouver in Canada.

They met in 1998 and Joe moved to Canada in early 1999 when they married and started their Holistic Healing business (Jill and Joe’s Healing) together. Jill carries a rare Psychic gift and offers Readings by phone and in person to people all over the world. Joe & Jill are unusual in offering holistic healing sessions together where one gets the benefit of two experienced healers. They also offer a unique set of Transformational workshops.

About Jill

About-JillJill was born in London, Ontario, Canada. She moved to Toronto at 3, to Ottawa at 9, and finally to Vancouver at 11, where she has lived ever since. She has an adult daughter who lives locally.

Jill has always been very psychic and her mother, who also had the gift, was supportive of her psychic ability and offered useful advice about keeping the gift quiet. Jill can ‘see’ and ‘remember’ her birth experience. As a child, she could see fairies, nature spirits, frightening night phenomenon and human energy fields. Jill’s mother could also see ghosts and although Jill was frightened by them as a child, her mother helped her to realise that they could sometimes be communicated with and in some cases, the intense energy freed.

Professionally, she first trained as a laboratory technologist, then moved on to become a sales person for a laboratory microscopic company. Seeking greater career fulfillment, she returned to university for 8 years and obtained her law degree.

While practicing law, she found that giving psychic readings and hands on healing helped to balance her own energy and keep her lifestyle healthy.

Eventually, in 1998, when she “went public” with her readings, she found that a choice had to be made. She was in the middle of negotiating to buy the law firm where she practiced. At the same time, she was greatly sought after as a healer and reader. Which way? Her head fought with her heart, and her heart won. The rest is history. It was a huge change and one that she has never regretted.

Read the continuing story under ‘Jill and Joe meeting’ below.

About Joe

About-JoeJoe was born in a small town in Co. Tipperary in Ireland. In this rural area, his father was a small farmer and he was raised as a Catholic and attended the local schools. He obtained an Engineering degree and commenced work in a multi-national computer manufacturer in Galway on the west coast of Ireland. Joe met his first wife, Caroline, when he was 20 and it was a clear case of love at first sight. They were engaged within 6 weeks and married within a year. However it was not all sweetness and light. Caroline was diagnosed with cancer shortly after they met and had a mastectomy before the wedding. Joe and Caroline were very happy together however the spectre of cancer cast an ever increasing shadow on their life. Caroline had numerous minor reoccurrences over the years and this was a catalyst for both Caroline and Joe to become interested in complimentary medicine. They both explored various systems and modalities. It was the era of Louise Hay, Creative Visualization, Meditation and Energy work in so many forms. Joe found himself drawn to explore this heretofore unknown world of healing and spirituality. Caroline finally died at the young age of 32 after a battle of nearly 10 years. Joe was devastated but continued to explore healing and spirituality. Over the coming years, he attended many classes and workshops and gradually gained the confidence to practice energy healing on others. He also trained as a Reflexologist and progressively incorporated this with his energy healing work.

Joe remained with the same company for nearly 20 years, rising to the position of business manager. In 1998 the project he was working on was cancelled and he was offered voluntary redundancy, which he accepted. This was a time of changing direction and uncertainty. Joe had been practicing energy healing on a small scale and hoped to build his practice upon taking redundancy.

As much as Joe was concerned about this transition in his working life – he had no idea of the real extent of change that fate was about to suddenly deliver to him.!

The story of Jill and Joe meeting and coming together

Both Jill and Joe had independently been involved in a particular energy healing modality which offered training in America and Ireland. Joe had heard about Jill through the founder of the modality who regularly consulted her for psychic insights. So Jill’s name and psychic abilities were well known in the community. However few had actually met her.

In mid 1998 Joe heard that Jill had decided to offer Psychic Readings over the phone. Well this was irresistible and Joe phoned Jill immediately to set up a phone session. So it began.!

When Jill played Joe’s phone message, she was completely overcome with the information that she received. So much so that she actually retraced her steps, leaving the house, re-entering and replaying the message. Even more information – two lives coming together, marriage, apparent past lives together … on and on. Jill decided that she needed to wait and see if this was to become a reality for Joe also, so she prepared and delivered the Psychic Reading to Joe without any reference to the information about their imminent relationship.

Joe was delighted with the phone reading with Jill but had no inkling of anything “further”! However, he did ask to schedule a distance healing with Jill when he would arrange to be in a favourite woodland location when Jill would perform the healing. Again Joe thoroughly enjoyed the healing and the experience of connection with nature and Jill …….. and, there was something else! Towards the end of the session Joe sensed a playfulness, even a flirting … hmmm. The next day he (very carefully) questioned Jill about this in an e-mail and this was the opening she was waiting for. She confirmed Joe’s sense and started to share some of her insights about their relationship.

Well that was it, the dam burst and the floodgates opened. The following months saw a torrent of e-mails and telephone calls across the many miles between Vancouver and Galway. A deep and intimate long distance romance blossomed and grew.

A few months later Jill arranged to visit Ireland to attend a healing workshop and finally Joe and Jill met physically. It was a magic ‘click’.

Because Joe had just taken voluntary redundancy, he was free to visit Canada – which he did in November of 1998. He returned to Ireland for Christmas and back to Vancouver in January. Because Jill had just decided to leave her law practice and work full time in holistic healing, she was also free to be Joe’s partner both in life and in their work together.

Joe and Jill settled in together, purchasing a new house and set up a new Holistic Healing business together. They can now look back on this fantastic movement that brought them together with continued amazement and gratitude.

Working together

Joe and Jill commenced working together as Energy Therapists and Workshop facilitators immediately after Joe moved to Canada. It is very unusual for any two healers to combine their talents and Jill and Joe were delighted to experience how easily and seamlessly they were able to do just that. It seemed that, without the usual competition, the appropriate gifts and techniques from their combined abilities and experience could be called upon automatically to provide the optimum healing environment for their clients. Over the years they have developed a large international clientele as they offer their services both in person and at a distance.

There are three distinct but integrated aspects to their work.

Jill uses her extraordinary psychic gift to offer Life Readings both in person and by telephone. Being both clairvoyant and clairaudient she is able to read a person’s energy field by observing their physical body, by reading a colour photograph, or by hearing their voice without seeing their body. Her readings are quite different from many other psychic readings in that they are very practical in nature. Although Jill can ‘see’ far beyond what many of us can perceive, she has honed her delivery so that it uniquely resonates for the listener. Each reading is not just rich with information but also carries an energetic imprint which speaks to the unconscious mind.

Jill and Joe also work as a team offering energy therapy in person and at a distance. The person receiving the therapy simply lies on a treatment table while Jill sits at their head and Joe at their feet. Jill is able to see and guide energy while Joe uses reflexology to move blockages in the energy flow. The combination is magical and facilitates energy shifts that are incredibly fast and effective. Each session is unique and seems to automatically draw on the appropriate techniques and gifts from the couple’s combined training and experience.

Jill’s rare psychic gift in tandem with Joe’s natural sensitivity gave rise to a set of transformational workshops in which participants explore and develop every aspect of their inner and outer selves.

The results of the workshops are profound and are often described as life changing.

Journeying together

As amazing as the movement of their coming together was, their ongoing journey also seems to be precisely choreographed.

Both Joe and Jill were keen spiritual seekers and during their first 5 to 6 years together, they continued to explore and support diverse avenues of spirituality. For many couples, this can be a touchy area. One partner can be interested in spiritual matters, spending much time and money on them while the other partner has no interest at all. This can create great friction in a relationship. Situations also arise where both partners share an interest in a particular spiritual avenue and then one veers left while the other veers right or stays put! This is even more difficult for a relationship as an area of their lives where intimate sharing had occurred now only holds disagreement, misunderstanding and recrimination.

Jill and Joe consider themselves VERY lucky. Over the years, it is as if their individual seeking journeys were inextricably linked by a guidance unknown. After much seeking and journeying, they now find their contentment together – back home where the journey started and ended. Spirituality and life are no longer separate in any way. The external seeking has spent itself and fallen away, leaving ordinary life as an extraordinary daily experience.