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Heart Workshop

Traditions from all over the world have told us for centuries that the heart is the seat of wisdom, balance and well-being. Western science has now joined in this view through research into the neurology of the heart. It has been discovered that the heart is made up of at least 50% (maybe as high as 65%!) neural cells like those making up our brain …….. meaning the heart has its own brain and its own intelligence.

As well as having been found to be made up of neurons, the heart also has a powerful electromagnetic signal.  The heart’s energetic field arches out from the body at least 12 feet and then returns to the heart center. This field has also been found to be holographic, meaning that at any point within the field, the information of the whole field is contained.

The beauty of all of this is that Jill can see the electromagnetic field around the body created by the heart and can also see the intelligence of the heart and its feedback systems to the brain and body. As a result, she has been able to create workshops specifically to explore the depths of the heart’s full natural holistic ability.

The heart communicates very easily with the world outside it as well as with its own individual system. In essence, the heart is both universal and personal. Everyone is aware that there is a common human experience as well as an individual one. This is known through heart intelligence. These workshops are an exploration of this through exercises and participation.  The movement into greater heart awareness and health is further facilitated by Jill and Joe through energy enhancement and exchange throughout the workshop. There are exercises in forgiveness, gratitude, giving, receiving, intuitive listening (to yourself and others), to name a few. While all of us are all able to experience these qualities of heart, the workshops are designed to bring about a profound new awareness of them.

There are many positive results reported by workshop participants: a greater sense of connection with self and others, general well-being, physical vitality, a much stronger immune system, less stress, lowered tension and anxiety about both past and future, a feeling of space and expansion, groundedness and safety, greater tolerance, and an enhancement of patience, acceptance and compassion (of self and others).

Jill and Joe invite you to join them in this celebration in Heart. The inner enrichment, neurological realignment and physical strengthening brought through deep heart connection, especially in the supportive environment of group work, is astounding.

Yield Field Workshop

Jill carries the wonderful gift of being able to see and read human energy fields.  Her life’s passion has been to continue to explore and work with these fields for people’s benefit.  Last year she discovered a particularly exciting aspect of the energy field which she called the Yield or Opportunity Field.  With her husband Joe, she developed this workshop to work on individual’s Yield Fields to maximize their potentials.

Jill’s description … The “Yield Field” is my term for the human Opportunity Field.  The Opportunity Field is part of the immense individual energy field each person carries.  It intersects with the flow of possibilities which stream through it every second of our lives.  These possibilities can be made probabilities with careful energetic enhancement.  Because I can see and read energies, I am able to “light up” areas of your energy field where opportunities are dormant or are capable of greater activity.  Joe and I will assist you in accessing the potentials which already exist in your Opportunity Field and “turn up the dimmer switch”.  Possibilities become probabilities and probabilities blossom into manifestation.  For those who seek greater self-awareness or enhancement in the areas of love, inner life and career, this work is truly spectacular.

This work is a surprisingly powerful stand-alone experience.  However, as it is the true energetic underpinning for systems such as the Power of Intention and the Law of Attraction, it can serve to boost and strengthen as well as complement the desired result for those who have explored these systems.

Everyone Welcome
All workshops are open to everyone, no prerequisite required.

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