What people say about our work

Firstly a big THANK YOU from us to all the many people who have worked with us over the years and to the many who have sent us messages, cards and e-mails of thanks and appreciation.  As the saying goes, “the proof of the pudding is in the eating” and by far the best testimonial to our work is the number of people who continue to work with us through the years.   The words below are from some of those people.

Jill and Joe

Theodora, Germany
My journey with Jill and Joe began in 2001. Jill gave  a reading for me and my 12 year old son, who was dealing with many issues in his life. Through Jill and Joe I was able to better understand what he was going through and also to help him during this difficult time. J&J let me see both my son and myself from a different point of view in regard to what we were feeling and what was going on within us.

J&J let me look deep down in my unconscious so that I could recognise, what was hidden inside of me. They opened my eyes to see the things that I didn’t see before. It suddenly dawned on me that I had the solution inside of me. I now have a better understanding of the situation that I was in. Throughout our contact, I constantly felt a deep sense of support, nourishment, trust and honesty.

Before planned operations, I can always count on Jill and Joe to set my mind at ease and to prepare me for the upcoming procedure. Knowing that I am in their thoughts helps me a lot. Also after the operation J&J help me to recover quickly.

I appreciate Jill and Joe for all they have done for me and my family. They are a gift in my life.  Now I live a happier life than ever before and I am in touch with my own intuition.

Eileen, Canada
When we first met in 1990, my life was difficult and I felt defeated.  Your compassion helped me to improve my life.

Jill, your unique ability of clairaudience combined with clairvoyance has transformed my life.  My relationships were strained or non-existent but today all of my relationships are happy and grounded in reality.  My life now is joyful and successful and I give you both a great deal of credit for it was you who accepted me where I was and gently brought me in touch with my own intuition.

I want to Thank You and Joe for the healings, workshops, heart links and kindness.  Thank you both from the bottom of my heart.  Or, should I say, thank you both from the expanse of my heart field.  With gratitude and love.

Dan, USA
I first talked with Jill more than five years ago. 

As a hard-nosed scientist I was highly skeptical, but I was also quite desperate.  In that call she described my life situation so accurately that I was in shock for several days.  Over the next few years my life took some very different, sometimes painful, turns, and I credit Jill with gently but unswervingly identifying the dangers and the opportunities.  I have never met her in person, but I know her voice — the voice of someone who knows you better than you know yourself, who caringly tells you the way things are and then lets you make your own choices.

The choices I made have led me to greater wholeness, and I look forward to many more years of interactions with Jill as my life continues to unfold. Thank you, Jill.

Sandra, Canada
Dear Jill and Joe, I’d like to sincerely thank you for all your help with my ‘stuff’.  I am a different person now than I was when I first met you 2 years ago and I owe so much of that to your guidance.  I hope to work with you for years to come, as it is a lifelong learning process!  Thank you so much.

Leora, Canada
I first met Jill and Joe O’Carroll in the summer of 2001 when a friend recommended their treatments. I had been suffering some years with the debilitating and long term effects of an inner ear virus and had come to believe I would never regain a normal life. I had tried many medical and healing routes to no avail.

Jill and Joe’s treatments gave me back my life. Their energy healings revitalized and healed a very tired and embattled body and mind. They are wonderful to work with and be with. They combine down to earth personality, warmth, ready smiles and humour with skilled healing techniques, perceptive insights and unfailing support. What a gift they have been in my life. An even greater gift is seeing their healing extend to many members of my family and circle of friends who have come to seek their assistance as well. Jill and Joe ‘s healing presence has grown into a bond of caring support and friendship which continues to enrich my health and life as well as that of many others.

While I have learned through my experience with Jill and Joe that as I manage to the best of my ability, difficult and changing health issues, a key ingredient of good health and coping mechanisms is the presence of skilled supportive healing professionals. Such are J.and J.

I am forever grateful for the health and help Jill and Joe have given me– for the respectful and loving support they offer –and for their unfailing optimism–and belief in my well-being and vitality. They are a very special presence in my life.

Jack, USA
Jill O’Carroll has been a trusted advisor to me for the past 5 years.  Her sensitivity, compassion, insights, encouragement, and advice have made the world of difference in how I see the situations I face and in the way I embrace challenges rather than slide by them.  She has been a loving, constant support on my path of growth.

Greg, USA
Your last class worked well on me.  I am getting much better at recognizing the Voice of Intuition and actually sometimes feel the little bump when someone enters my space and am no longer surprised to turn around and see someone.  One day while drilling I had the though that the chain that moves the hammer up and down was going to break.  Five minutes later, it did.  I couldn’t fix it so I header for home.  While driving down the freeway I had another intuition that the PK truck towing a trailer in front of me was going to have a flat and to pull into the left lane which I did.  Fifteen to twenty seconds POW! it happened.  Pretty neat !

Bonnie, Canada
I have worked with Jill & Joe many times over the past 5 years.  I have had readings, healings & was fortunate enough to attend a Heart Workshop.  I originally went to see them after dealing with a diagnosis of scleroderma for a few years.  I believe in & elected to look at my diagnosis, i.e. my life, from a holistic approach. What Jill & Joe had to offer felt like a good match.  I was dealing with pain, fatigue & a lot of fear. Through the healings the pain has decreased to the point where it is almost nonexistent & the fatigue has greatly improved.  What is of most importance to me is how much my fear has dissipated.  Their loving, caring & compassion has been irreplaceable.  Jill’s readings have opened my eyes to many areas I needed to address & the Heart Workshop complimented the path I had chosen at the time.  It was a wonderful combination. What is of utmost importance to me, far more than my physical health, is how I have grown spiritually.  The things I was most afraid of seem to have disappeared & in their place is more love, for my self & for the world around me.  There is no way to really measure or fully explain the subtle shifts I have experienced; I just know that I feel better physically, emotionally & spiritually.

Puri, USA
I met Jill way before the new Millennium (before she even met Joe HA!) in one of the seminars that we took together.  I had a Life Reading right after the seminar and have been her client ever since.  Since then, I had a hysterectomy, lost 3 dogs, sold a house, moved to another city, divorced and became a licensed Acupuncturist  in California.  I’ve had many sessions with Jill & Joe throughout my life journey.  The sessions make me halfway “sane” and able to deal with life in the way that I want to.  As a Health Care practitioner, I realise the importance of taking care of myself.  I would like to be a wonder woman ad do it all alone, but the truth is that the journey is a lot lighter when you’re willing to accept help from others.  Thank you Jill & Joe. 

Kerri, USA
The work I have done with Jill and Joe has been truly amazing. Over the years, I’ve explored many paths to healing, and none compare to this experience. Joe and Jill have the ability to get right to the core issues and then assist you in the release that is necessary to heal and move forward. Whether you have traumatic childhood issues to overcome or just need a regular tune-up, Joe and Jill’s loving healing will be an experience that you will never forget. Thank you, Joe and Jill….for all that you do, and all that you are.


Theodora, Germany (about our Workshops)
I continued my journey with  J&J by attending their workshops in Germany and the UK.

During this time I had a breakthrough. This experience changed my life in a positive way. From my point of view, the best thing about their workshops is that you can apply them to you everyday life. Throughout this time, special friendships have developed within the workshop groups that I still share today. Through their openness we were able to help each other then and now….. especially during hard times like illness, surgery or death.

Sharyn, UK (About our Workshops)
May I say thank you to both for such a wonderful course. I have attended many different courses (which have called me at exactly the right time) and all have been relevant and taught me many things. However, I felt your course to be the most nurturing and wholesome. Apart from delivering the course professionally, you took good care of the people there, helping them through their stuff and making sure they were balanced at the end of each day. I feel this is caring and responsible, as I have seen many people suffer on courses, with requests of help being refused and no help being offered.

I also witnessed that by the end of the course, everyone had a ‘love’ for one another. I haven’t actually witnessed that before – I have seen people ‘group’ together, or find a ‘friend’, but nothing more.

Sheila, UK (About our Workshops)
What can I say, the class in November was beautiful. Such a lovely way to lose your stuff! Nurturing, loving and all embracing support. I have never felt such rapport with other class members as this one and this has continued with everyone I meet. They are not always singing from the same page but I can feel really feel it. That old raging dragon that lived in the background has turned into a pussycat! These classes should come with a warning ‘you will never feel the same ever again! you will feel fantastic!!’

I cannot thank you enough for putting these classes together, what insight. I really want to do the next one in April.