The Radiant Heart
Exploring the Wonders of the Human Heart Field
by Jill O’Carroll

Jill’s book is an exploration of the Human Heart Field and all its wonders and benefits.

It is an open invitation to you from her Heart.

The “Heart Breath” is your doorway.


Book Excerpts

This is a book about a human resource that is at present rarely tapped. This resource is constantly available and renewable. It is the natural birthright of every human being. It does not rely for its stability and durability on any particular environmental condition or human state of health. Even an awareness of its existence is not required for it to function perfectly. Quietly and ceaselessly, it informs, nurtures, supports and enriches every human life.

This is a unique glimpse into the world that I have been exploring with thousands of people in everyday, therapeutic and workshop settings for many years.

This is not a scientific treatise. I am not setting out to prove that the Heart Field exists by any scientific method. My interest is in sharing with you, the reader, this immense resource that lies at the center of your chest. Its immediacy. Its intimacy. The ease with which you can access its awesome power. My interest is in sharing how this resource maintains your health, informs your every decision, and deepens your ability to communicate with others. My interest is in describing this resource which has an innate intelligence and ever vigilant feedback system to support and sustain you. It is in sharing the amazing myriad of ways that this resource can help to keep your physical body balanced, your mind alert, your psyche strong and your sense of connection and timeless being ever alive. It is in introducing you to the simple practices that will allow you to tap this resource, changing your life forever.

Just stop for a moment. Breathe into your chest deeply just once. Let the mind and body relax. You may be aware of how often you take these breaths. In these moments the heart and the brain are in active communication. There is a breath’s length of complete relaxation and ease and a huge amount of information is exchanged. Then, life takes off again.

What follows is an exploration of the rich and varied ways that the heart impacts all aspects of our everyday human experience – physical and non physical, from our body’s microscopic intracellular networks to our sense of cosmic connection.

It’s a simple equation. Human living is an active meditation. The Personal Heart Field informs the action; the Transcendent Heart Field supports the meditation.

Remember, the heart is like a perfect lover and friend. It does not require recognition, gratitude, or consideration. It provides the natural human ability to sense completeness as part of its innate nature. This sense of completeness, of “okayness”, is not dependent on our physical health, our psychological state or our emotional balance. We are constantly in touch, through the heart, with all that is and the unity of that. This felt sense of wholeness is there whether we are in conflict or in serenity, whether we are in agony or in joy, whether we are wracked by loneliness or basking in contentment.

In every breath, our own heart provides the gateway to our felt sense of unity and wholeness. With every beat, our own heart sets the very rhythm that connects us to our living experience of being complete.


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